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About Nemesis Reborn

First, we are originally Nemesis of Space Slug, we are now Nemesis Reborn on The Harbinger.

Nemesis Reborn is a mature gaming guild with many active duty and retired military personnel. We enjoy PVE and PVP gaming and are looking for an influx of players to the guild. We are not looking for easily offended people, but we are not looking for jerks either.

If you like to PVP, do flash-points, PVE raid, or just tool around and craft we have space for you.

When we raid we like to get down to business and get the job done, when we PVP we like to win, because as we all know when you win, things are just more fun!

Other items for consideration: We use mumble (required for raiding), currently on new 2.0 raids Scum and Villiany and TFB. Looking for all classes. 

We want good players who are mature and understanding.  We want to be good at what we do, but were not fanatical.  We use the raid calendar function for raid scheduling as it tends to be all over the place.  Enjoy the banter in mumble, and have some fun kicking butt.  Be good at what you do, but don't stand in stupid!  =)

We also carry a Republic guild called Rival.  At this time raids are on standby as we figure out who we have and what we want to run on the republic side of the house.

If you are interested or have questions please contact Graft or Neck on The Harbinger.


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